Born in Augusta, Georgia

Lives & works in Atlanta, Georgia


Specialty: Storyboarding, Comic Book Coloring, Sculpting Maquettes, Script Writing, Character Designs, Penciling Comics, 2D Character Animation, Comic Book Lettering, Digital Lighting, and Green Screen Compositing.           


I graduated in 2014 with a B.F.A. in Sequential Art and a minor in Animation from the Atlanta campus of the Savannah College of Art and Design. Now I works with a theatrical company

as a cartoonist for a comic strip about

workplace safety. My work consists of light humor that will tackle serious subjects while 

still retaining a cartoon style. I draw inspriation from the classic cartoons of Hanna-Barbera, Disney, and Warner Brothers.


2015 - Safety Guy comic strip Railings Required in the Spring Issue of Theatre Design & Technology.

2015 - Safety Guy comic strip Deadly Dehydration in the Summer Issue of Theatre Design & Technology.

2015- Safety Guy comic strip Lockout Luck in the Fall Issue of Theatre Design & Technology.


Exhibitions & Festivals

2008 - The Ocee Community Art Exhibition; Ocee Community Art Center; Johns Creek, Georgia

2010 - Beyond the Dot; SCAD Atlanta; Atlanta, Georgia

2011 - SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival; Savannah, Georgia

2011 - Roll Yer Own; ASIFA-Atlanta; Atlanta, Georgia

2012 - SCAD Scholarship Gala; SCAD Museum; Savannah, Georgia



2008-2014 Savannah College of Art and Design-Atlanta



Intern with Crazy Legs Productions (March 2013-May 2013)

Cartoonist with Stream Realty Partners (June 2013-August 2013)

Cartoonist with InterAmerica Stage, Inc. (October 2014-Present)

Sales Associate at Cost Plus World Market (October 2015-March 2020)

Gourmet Department Head at Cost Plus World Market (September 2018-March 2020)

Storyboarding with Perpetuity Studios

(January 2021-Present)

Sales Advisor at Office Depot

(May 2021- Present)